Granat J1741.9-2853

Light curves
    LE          ME          HE

R.A. = 266.260,   Dec = -28.914

The ME and HE data are contributed by the X-ray sources undistinguished:
1A 1742-289, 1A 1743-288, 1E 1742.2-2857, 1E 1742.9-2849, 1E 1742.9-2852, 1E 1743.1-2843, 1E 1743.1-2852, AX J1742.5-2845, AX J1742.6-2901, AX J1743.9-2846, AX J1745.6-2900, AX J1747.0-2837, CXOGCS J174457.4-285, GRO J1744-28, GRS 1741.9-2853, Ginga 1741.2-2859, Granat J1741.9-2853, IGR J17456-2901b, IGR J17461-2853, IGR J17467-2848, IGR J17468-2902, SAX J1744.7-2916, Sgr A

The data will be updated if this source is covered by the scanning observations scheduled in

Light curve Data
LE 1-6 keV
ME 7-40 keV
HE 25-100 keV