Nova Sco 2014

Light curves
    LE          ME          HE

R.A. = 258.945,   Dec = -31.475

The alternate name or the other band counterpart name of this source:
TYC J17154683-3128303

The alternate name and the other band counterpart name are obtained from the catalogs of INTEGRAL (Bird et al. 2016, ApJSS, 223, 15)
and Swift (Baumgartner et al. 2013, ApJSS, 207, 19; Krimm et al. 2013, ApJSS, 209, 14).
The data will be updated if this source is covered by the scanning observations scheduled in

Light curve Data
LE 1-6 keV
ME 7-40 keV
HE 25-100 keV