Location:Joint observations between Insight-HXMT and XMM-Newton are called (updated in Oct. 8, 2019)
Joint observations between Insight-HXMT and XMM-Newton are called (updated in Oct. 8, 2019)
Release date:2020-03-05 10:35:56 Author:科学研究支撑分系统

The XMM-Newton Cycle 19 Call for Proposals has been released (https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/xmm-newton/ao19), and the deadline is 11 October 2019, 12:00 UT.

XMM-Newton now supports the "free" coordinated observations with Insight-HXMT. Therefore, if a proposal is approved by the XMM-Newton TAC, both satellites can coordinate observations according to the PI's requirement. We encourage all PIs and Co-Is of Insight-HXMT to apply for XMM-Newton observation time.

On the other hand, if you currently do not have approved Insight-HXMT observation time, ad-hoc Insight-HXMT observation proposals may be submitted to Insight-HXMT for the intended joint XMM-Newton observations; please allow one week for scientific and technical evaluation of your ad-hoc Insight-HXMT observation proposals. However, your approved ad-hoc Insight-HXMT observations will be executed only if your XMM-Newton observations are also approved and executed.

XMM-Newton Proposals shall be submitted with the *XMM-Newton Remote Proposal Submission* software: http://xmmrps.esac.esa.int/

* For the joint observations with the Insight-HXMT, it has to be submitted as "free" coordination (as shown in the figure):

You have to flag observation  as "Time Critical: Y

"Number of occurrences in addition to the first one: 0"

"Coordinated Observation: Y" and

"Observation fixed  in UT Time",

"Remarks flag: Y"

"Remarks  Simultaneous to HXMT."

and the "Joint Proposals: NO"

* The Helpdesk of XMM-Newton, reachable from 


is evidently ready to answer AO related questions.

* In the mean time, if you have the approved observations of XMM-Newton, you can also apply for the joint observations with Insight-HXMT for technical and scientific evaluations (mail to hssc.hxmt@ihep.ac.cn).

The Insight-HXMT Science Center

Last Updated: Oct. 8, 2019