Location:AO-3 Cycle Proposal Evaluation Announcement
AO-3 Cycle Proposal Evaluation Announcement
Release date:2020-07-31 20:54:41 Author:

The Insight-HXMT science data center is pleased to announce that the proposal evaluation process for AO-3 Cycle is complete, and observations will begin on Aug 1st, 2020. The approved observations are listed below. 


(1) Approved observations are ranked with A, B, and C. Approved but not yet fully executed Class-A (non-ToO) observations in AO-3 will be moved to AO-4, and thus do not need to be re-proposed again; all other approved but not yet fully executed AO-3 observations will need to be proposed again with scientific justifications.

(2) For approved Target of Opportunity observations, the targets will be monitored by the Insight-HXMT science data center and the trigger flux is about 100 mCrab, if not specifically requested and approved. If a proposer decides that an approved observation has satisfied the approved trigger criteria, please contact the Insight-HXMT science data center on the website (http://proposal.ihep.ac.cn/proposal.jspx) by submitting a ToO proposal.

(3) For a coordinated observation approved, please note that it will not be trigged until the proposer informs science data center that the required observing time has been granted from other desired joint facilities and the observation has been coordinated accordingly.

Download the approved observations.