Location:HXMTSOFT V2.06 Update Description
HXMTSOFT V2.06 Update Description
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HXMTSOFT V2.06 Update Description[pdf] 

1.      Software Module Update Description

a.     Modifications were made to the spectral files generated by the hespecgenmespecgenlespecgenmodules. Specifically, the keywords TLMIN2 and TLMAX2 have been changed to TLMIN1 and TLMAX1.

b.    The naming of spectral and light curve files generated by hespecgenmespecgenlespecgenhelcgenmelcgen, and lelcgen has been changed to user-defined, no longer varying with the selected detector number range.

c.     Due to significant dead time in the ME payload, distortions occur in the power spectrum, especially in the low-frequency range. A new module, mefadcorr, is introduced to correct the impact of ME's dead time on the power spectrum.

d.  Updates have been made to the hebkgmap and lebkgmap modules in response to changes in in-orbit background.

e.     The lebkgmap module has implemented scaling based on pixel count for generating background spectra.

f.       The legticorr module has adjusted the energy range used for calculating count rates in large fields of view.

g.     The mebkgmap module has been corrected for a bug where the parameters for field of view detector selection failed to generate the specified background spectrum.

2.  hpipeline Update Description

a.     The hphase_cal has been updated for compatibility with Python 3.

b.    The settings for gti_setup have been updated, fixing a bug that prevented users from specifying GTIs.

c.     The hxbary2 has been updated with the addition of solar system ephemeris selection.

3.  CALDB Update Description

a.  Reflecting the evolution of payload performance over time, the CALDB has been updated to version 2.07. The latest version can be accessed at: http://hxmtweb.ihep.ac.cn/caldb/628.jhtml."