Location:Insight-HXMT AO-2 Proposal Selection Announcement
Insight-HXMT AO-2 Proposal Selection Announcement
Release date:2020-03-09 09:27:11 Author:Zheng Shijie

We are pleased to announce that the proposal selection process for AO-2 is complete, and the observations will begin from July 1, 2019. The selected proposals and approved targets are listed below.


(1) The approved targets, including Target of Opportunity (ToO) sources, are ranked with A, B and, C (A will certainly be observed; B will most likely be observed; C might be observed depending on the available time allocation). If a conflict occurs, the observing priority will be assigned based on the rank.

(2) To trigger ToO observations, please contact the Insight-HXMT team via http://proposal.ihep.ac.cn/proposal/08.jspx. If not specifically stated in the proposals, all ToO sources will be triggered when the flux is above 100 mCrab and monitored by the Insight-HXMT team regularly.

(3) For coordinated observations, please remember that it is the proposer's responsibility to obtain observing time from other desired joint facilities prior to sending the trigger request to Insight-HXMT and coordinate all observations accordingly.

The selected proposals can been download here.