Location:AO-6 Cycle Proposal Evaluation Announcement
AO-6 Cycle Proposal Evaluation Announcement
Release date:2023-08-07 15:29:21 Author:

The Insight-HXMT science data center is pleased to announce that the proposal evaluation process for AO-6 Cycle has been completed, and AO-6 observations will  begin from Sept. 1, 2023. The approved observations are listed below. 


(1)Approved observations are ranked with A, B, and C. Approved but not yet fully executed Class-A (non-ToO) observations in AO-5 will be moved to AO-6; all other approved but not yet fully executed AO-5 observations will not be moved to AO-6.

(2)“Exp. Duration” is the effective exposure time, which is typically 50% of the total observation time, or live time.

(3)For approved ToO observations, the targets will be monitored by the Insight-HXMT science data center and the trigger flux is about 100 mCrab, if not specifically requested. If a proposer decides that an approved observation has satisfied the approved trigger criteria, please contact the Insight-HXMT science data center on the website (http://proposal.ihep.ac.cn/proposal/08.jspx) by submitting a ToO trigger request or send us an email.

(4)If more than one ToO observations of the same target are approved with the same ranking, the following rules will be followed: “The data belong to the first triggered proposal; alternatively, the data are shared if multiple proposals are triggered simultaneously.”

(5)For a coordinated observation, please note that it will not be trigged until the proposer informs the Insight-HXMT science data center that the required observing time of the other facilities has been granted and the observation has been coordinated accordingly.

(6)We encourage proposers with approved observations to seek additional observational resources for conducting coordinated observations with Insight-HXMT. The priority of the approved Insight-HXMT observation will be upgraded after evaluation by the Insight-HXMT science data center, e.g., “C” to “B” or “B” to “A”, if the observation time of other instruments targeting the same object jointly with Insight-HXMT has been secured. In particular, some observation time has been reserved for joint HXMT-EP observations; EP (Einstein Probe: https://nadc.china-vo.org/ep/) is a time-domain X-ray observatory to be launched by the end of 2023.

Proposals (download)